Southern Alberta Institute of Massage
SAIM Graduating Class - 2007-2008

Role of Instructor

The instructor must take proper care and precautions in the planning and supervision of academic work so that an honest effort is encouraged. The instructor is encouraged to communicate the requirements and materials allowed for assignments, tests, and examinations. The instructor or substitute Instructors are responsible for the supervision of all tests and examinations. Principles of truth, honesty, and respect are to be upheld at all times.

Role of Student

As a student, you are expected to behave maturely and with honor. Respect for the principles of truth and honesty are important to the students, the Instructors, and the school staff. Southern Alberta Institute of Massage expects that students and staff will conduct themselves accordingly. Students must also treat other students with respect. SAIM has ZERO tolerance for bullying, showing disrespect for other students or staff, inciting problems in the classroom, and disregard for the policies of the school. Any student engaging in this type of behavior may be asked to leave the premises immediately at the sole discretion of the present authority. Any student engaged in this type of behavior may be terminated from the program at the discretion of the President and instructors

Academic Infractions

Academic infractions such as plagiarism, lying, cheating by copying or bringing written answers into the examination room, or stealing examinations, disrespect or uttered threats toward the Instructor, staff, or other students will result in disciplinary action. The following examples constitute infractions, but are not limited to all forms of infractions:


Remedies for the infraction(s) will be conducted at the discretion of the Instructor and/or President, subject to the following guidelines:

An infraction will be assessed by the Instructor(s) and the President. If an infraction has occurred while the student is attending Southern Alberta Institute of Massage, the said student may be expelled, receive a zero grade for programs involved, and/or be withdrawn from programs not completed.


If the Instructor and/or President deems evidence of an infraction, including dishonesty, bullying, disrespect, threats, or any other objectionable behavior detrimental to the program, the following will occur:

Once a verbal notification is given, the President will take the following procedures:

If the student wishes to appeal, it is the student's prerogative to bring the request for appeal to the President.


If a student is expelled from the program, he or she may appeal by notifying the Registrar’s office in writing within seven (7) days of the date of the expulsion. Reasons for appealing must be clearly stated. The situation will then be reviewed and a final judgment will be made.